The last empress dramabeans

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The last empress dramabeans

We watched the first two episodes over Thanksgiving break and were immediately pulled into its weird vortex. I will give a little taste of the first 4 episodes below. But so much happened so it is really just a small taste of the main storyline. Impressively, they do not move away from the main storyline that much if at all. Just to let you know, this show is set in a world were Korea still has its Royal family, though they do not control politics.

They operate more like The English Royal family in that they live to serve and are beloved by all Koreans. We open the entire story on a big police raid at the palace where a body is dug up of a woman who was pregnant with twins. Then we rewind a year earlier I think it was a year to another event at the palace. Ssu-Ni is one of the lucky guests there but I will spell her name as Suni for the recap along with a lot of other normal Korean citizens.

Suni happily tells the emperor that he should come to her play where she will be the lead.

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However, one of the Korean citizens is a person who is pretending to have a disability but actually has a vendetta against the Emperor and tries to hold him hostage with a bunch of other people. Guns blast, lost of people are shot, a fire is set, long story short, Suni saves he Emperor but it is a thankless task. I will skip a lot, the real story starts rolling when we find out that the Emperors first wife died previously. Now he is having an affair with Yoo-ra I will probably spell her name as Yura for the recap who works for the royals in the palace.

The mother hates that and has cameras all around her sons room to spy on him. She fires Yura. Well, Yura tells Hyuk that his mama fired her so Hyuk just reinstates her and they have a lovers evening on an island near Seoul. But while there, they accidentally kill a woman.

Yura tried to kill her first but then Hyuk ran her over in his car on accident I know, it is that kind of show.

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So now they have to get rid of the body. They manage to get away and cover it all up.

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They also get some thugs to put a bullet in the sons head as he takes a dive off a cliff. The public starts to think that Suni and the Emperor might be dating, but the emperor insists that he is just her fan. However, the mother wants to do something with this. Cut to a public family birthday party for the grandmother, at the palace.

The Emperor is about to tell the world that Yura is his woman, but just as he is about to do it — Suni comes in as a surprise guest of the Mother.

Everyone is stunned. That is where the fourth episode ended. The wife goes up to her and welcomes her amidst the cameras flashing.Director Park rushes to the hotel room where Jin-woo and Professor Cha were last known to be. Later, while the police are investigating the scene, Director Park wearily takes a call from one of J.

He feels guilty for not telling Director Park sooner that last night, Professor Cha called him and told him to start up the game server. Jin-woo had told him to start it again, because there was something he needed to finish. The board member tells Director Park that he did as Jin-woo instructed, so the server was up again between 6 and 7 in the morning.

After telling the board member to reopen the server, Jin-woo had returned to the church where he last saw Emma just as the server came back up again.

NPC Hyung-seok had spawned near the pulpit, and Jin-woo had set aside his crutch and met Hyung-seok in the aisle, pulling out the Key to Heaven. NPC Secretary Seo had also shown up, and Jin-woo had approached him, tears welling in his eyes at the thought of what he had to do. Jin-woo had held on tight as long as he could, crying, until Secretary Seo dissolved into sand.

After deleting the bugs, Jin-woo had heard the familiar sounds of the guitar, and Emma had reappeared on the dais. Emma had asked him to return the key, and Jin-woo had placed it in her outstretched hand, a tear rolling down his face.

In the present, something makes Director Park stop, and he turns around and approaches the pulpit. Director Park slumps, his phone falling from his hand, as Hee-joo begs him to say something. He tells her not to come any closer, but she sees the sand, and she asks what it is in a fearful voice. Before she gets an answer, their smart contacts alert them both that the game is being reset.

The Last Empress: Episode 17 and 18 Live Recap

The four piles of sand float into the air, swirl, then disappear, and all over the cities, the game NPCs also disappear. The church goes gray around Hee-joo and Director Park, while at the J.

One building, everyone panics as the game deletes, then rebuilds itself. The color returns, and some time later, Director Park writes an email to Jin-woo in the hopes that he will see it from wherever he is. When he leaves, Se-joo follows him downstairs to ask if he knows Jin-woo.

Hee-joo is at the church, where she remembers telling Jin-woo that when the Key of Heaven and the Hand of Fatima come together, the gate will open and the palace will crumble. She denies that it could be true, and she calls out for Jin-woo, demanding that he answer her.Right now it has aired till episode The drama is packed with many evil characters, who only cares about power and money.

Each episode will leave you with a suspense. A new mystery is solved every minute in this drama. The cast is amazing, especially Jang Na-ra. She can be from a cute and innocent girl to becoming a strong and bold women whose words could even shake the evil Empress Dowager.

So far the drama is very interesting and astonishing. There are still many secrets to be revealed in this drama, which are really hard to predict. So far my predictions have come true. I predicted that Na Wang Sik, will lose weight to change his appearance so that he could disguise himself in the palace.

I predicted that the Emperor will fall in love with Oh Sunny in future. And that is happening right now. I have made some more predictions that might reveal in the final episodes of the last empress.

the last empress dramabeans

This is truly a guess, I have no idea what is going to happen in the next episode. Remember the necklace Lee Hyuk gave to Sunny as a family tradition of passing the necklace to the empress. A lot of mysteries in the drama are now leading to the island. The Grand empress Dowager gave the island painting to the Empress Dowager and also late Empress was cause to death because she knew the secret of the island.

The fact that Empress Dowager wants that island so desperatelymade me believe that she has some big thing hidden in that island. And that big thing could be the sapphire necklace.

The secret room hidden in the palace garden where the Empress dowager goes without bodyguards is the place where she might be carrying out the drug business. I suspected this when one of the palace worker who was captivated by the empress dowager in the secret room, told Oh Sunny that her head was aching all the time due to a strange smell coming from the room. This might be the corpse of the late Empress and the Empress dowager might have hidden it in the palace out of the fear of being found by the Empress Sunny.

I feel one of them will die in the end. Na Wang Shik might die in the end, may be while saving Oh Sunny. In The last 2 episodes anyone could tell that the Emperor is in love with the Empress. And we also see that slowly he is repenting for what he did to Oh Sunny. In the end he might kill himself when he finds out that all the people he trusted are now against him only because of his wrong deeds.

Clearly Empress dowager is using her children in order to continue her high-profile life in the palace. So these were my guesses for the ending of the last empress.

What do you think about them?

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Is there any guess made by you? I had no idea about the necklace. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. I guess, it will be better if the king die at the end. He should pay for the crime he committed.Set in an alternate universe, in which Korea is a constitutional monarchy inOh Sunny is a bright and vivacious musical actress who marries the emperor.

She becomes involved in the palace power struggle and a mysterious murder that sets off events that threaten the monarchy itself, while searching for true love and happiness. But, she ends up falling in love with Na Wang Sik who works as a bodyguard for the imperial family. MDL v5.

The Last Empress (2018)

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Add Cast. Jang Na Ra Oh Sunny. Shin Sung Rok Lee Hyuk. Elliya Lee Min Yu Ra. View all Write Review.

Empress’s Dignity/The Last Empress/ 빅 포레스트 eps 39_40 SUB (ENG,IND,MLY,FARSI)

Other reviews by this user 9. Feb 23, 52 of 52 episodes seen. Completed 9. Overall Story 8. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Cancel. Other reviews by this user 2. Feb 21, 52 of 52 episodes seen.So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for more or agonizing when there was no moreand what made you want to throw your remote For our characters, the coming of spring indicates new beginnings. Some will choose to leave, some will stay, others will reveal long-held secrets or take that decisive step.

Whatever it We get a new perspective on the event that changed our protagonist's life forever and it poses more questions about those responsible for the stigmata serial murders and their motives Our detectives decide that it's time to turn the tables on their killer, but it's not easy to fool a monster that can read your thoughts. Our hero's memory-reading ability We're wrapping up loose ends as we head into the home stretch, focusing on relationships and timing as our characters grapple with misalignment and missed chances.

Is there really some There's a warmth that has taken over this show as it grows into a story about people going through the process of healing. This week, we get to see that It's time for some clarity.

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Our heroine's return to life has been such a shock to the general of order of things that those closest to her have forgotten to One step forward and ten steps back When there Eun-ho is awake but the gaping hole in his memory complicates things.

Things just got a little more complicated for our team of vigilante fighters at Rugal. Between overlapping histories, ghastly injuries, and some freaky new artificial intelligence, Rugal is stepping up Team Dramabeans: What we're watching. Nobody Knows: Episode Michelle Reinstates Hyuk As the Emperor. The Empress Regains Control of the Palace. Who Killed the Grand Empress Dowager?

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the last empress dramabeans

The Fall of the Imperial Family Episode Michelle Arrives at the Palace Episode The Emperor Returns to the Palace Episode A Trap for Kang Hee Episode Joo Seung Starts to Remember Episode Gifts From the Emperor Episode Peanut Butter Cookies Episode The Scandal Episode An Antique Clock Episode Episode The Prince Returns Episode Well, he has 4 more episodes to do it in because The Last Empress got extended again to 52 episodes!

Seriously, this is the Energizer Bunny of dramas. We are so thrilled with the squad we are building on there. Our next Behind the Scenes video we plan on posting soon hopefully today are the closing interviews with Memories of the Alhambra.

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Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

The Last Empress: Episode 9 and 10 Live Recap

Recap Countdown: Starting now! Wang-sik runs to the palace and all the way to the throne room. Kang is sitting on the throne. Dong-sik is below her. WS — Shut up! You did a hit and run and dumped my mother in that cold place! You are not guilty? If she went to the hospital earlier she could have been alive.

Her intestines were all burst and her flesh was shredded like that. He shoots the chandelier and tells his guards to kill Wang-sik. Suni shows up along with some other guards. It is a guard stand off. Wang-sik pull shis gun on Hyuk again and tells him that he did it. You and your mother corrupted the empire and all the people that you crushed and killed came back to you to catch you because your family members died.

Your family was destroyed. All those people. You put someone like Ma Piljoo in front and left this many people in pain, like the bullet in my head. Do you know that! A tear falls. WS says that his goal was to kill him when he came to the palace. But now he wants to destroy the empire! Dong-sik yells as Kang holds a syringe to his head. He tells him to put his gun away, then you can save this boy. Wang-sik shoots at her and tells her, if you touch him at all, I will kill everyone in this palace!

Kang yells and drops the syringe?

the last empress dramabeans


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